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Align Float Pods & Massage

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Align Floats & Massage

Hey I'm Jude. I am wairarapa born and reside here with my husband and four children. 


I started massaging ten years ago when I learnt the benefits of massage on my own body and wanted to share that with others. 

Massage is beneficial physically, metally and emotionally, allowing people to restore and revive their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Align massage is deep tissue massage to release muscle tension and help to realign muscle and connective tissue. 

Understanding the benefits massage can have on anatomy and physiology, as well as the holistic benefits, I am excited to work with you towards better health and wellness at Isme Permanent Cosmetics.

About Us

Do you suffer from?

  • Body Aches and pains

  • Stress

  • Depression or Anxiety

  • Poor circulation

  • Imbalanced Hormones

  • Poor immune system

  • Tight tendons & joints

  • Low magnesium

  • Muscle twitches

  • Inflammation or swelling

  • Insomnia

  • Poor sleep patterns

  • High blood pressure

  • Trouble focusing

  • Slow training recovery

If you answered yes to any of these a Float pod is for you!

A Float Pod, also called an Sensory deprevation  tank, is used for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST). It is a dark, soundproof tank that is filled with a foot or less of  water condensed with Epsom salts.

The water in a float pod is heated to skin temperature and  saturated with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), providing buoyancy so you float.

You enter the tank and are cut off from all outside stimulation, including sound, sight, and gravity. As you float weightless in the silence and darkness, the brain enters into a deeply relaxed state.

Sensory deprivation tank therapy is said to produce several effects on the brain, ranging from hallucinations to enhanced creativity.

There is some evidence that sensory deprivation may improve focus and concentration, and may also lead to clearer and more precise thinking. This has been linked to improved learning and enhanced performance in school and different career groups.

The various effects of sensory deprivation tank therapy on athletic performance proven to have a positve effect in speeding up recovery after strenuous physical training.

There are several psychological and medical benefits of a sensory deprivation tanks on conditions such as anxiety disorders, stress, and chronic pain.

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What to Expect

On the day:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment to complete your paperwork and watch an instructional video

  • Floating is best done in the nude

  • You will float naturally and with no effort so don't worry if you can't swim

  • If you are menstruating we are ask that you please reschedule to a different stage of your cycle

  • If you wear contacts please bring something to store these in as they can't be worn in the float.

  • If you have had your hair coloured in the last two weeks please contact us so we can discuss further.


What to bring

  • An open mind

  • Drink bottle

  • Hair brush

  • Loose clothing for after your session

​What we Provide:

  • Shower and change area

  • Towel and face washer

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash

  • Ear plugs

  • Toiletries


Some tips from those who have used our float pod and things to avoid:

  1. Take some time to get comfortable, especially with how you rest your arms - this might look like palms up, palms down or behind your back.

  2. Avoid caffeine, alcohol or other stimulants before your float.

  3. It is best not to be too hungry or too full while floating as your stomach noises and movements could cause distractions.

  4. Avoid shaving within 12 hours of your session.

  5. Be sure to rinse your ears out throughly in the shower afterwards.

  6. Avoid getting a spray tan within 6 days of your float appointment.


Our Services

Get in Touch

14 Perry Street, Masterton  /  Tel. 06) 3702109

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