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Umm how Stunning is _georgia_hagar with

" Had my brows done twice from Nicole & I’m in love, real professional and a lovely person. "


"I was lucky enough to have my brows done by Nicole about 6 months ago, I’m so glad I took the leap to get them done as it’s been 6 months of not having to worry about them at all and for us busy mums that’s definitely worth while xx"


" Absolutely love her work. She did my brows, they healed amazingly and still to this day look very natural. "

✨Stunning✨ Combination brows 😍 look at

" You are simply amazing and instantly put all my fears aside and reassured me that I will look fabulous!! Look at me now I look amazing!! Thank you is not enough words to compare to how I feel!!!"

" I had struggled with my own brows for so long but was too nervous to take the plunge for cosmetic tattooing. When a professional gf of mine firmly recommended Nicole, I decided to finally give it a go. Now I regret not doing it sooner! Nicole listens to your concerns and will make you feel at ease. She will always ensure the brows are a natural and correct shape and frame for your face before beginning, and the whole process is painless and simple.
I had seen all of her gorgeous results previously, now I can finally look at mine in the same way.
Thank you so much Nicole! An absolute gem in this profession. "

Just making the ✨GORGEOUS✨ eyes of _sezj

" I have had my Brows and Eyeliner Lash Enhancement done by Nicole and absolutely love them!! I couldnt recommend Nicole enough!! She is lovely to deal with and so professional and hygienic in her practise. An extremely skilled lady!! "


" I’ve had my eyebrows, eyeliner and ombré lips done by Nicole. All of her work is meticulous and her attention to detail is incredible! So, so talented! "

" This lady is by far the best in the business for all things brows🙏🏼 I have always wanted my eyebrows tattooed but was to worried it would hurt like heck, Man was I wrong! Nicole made the whole experience as painless as she possibly could. Can’t wait for my Nano brow touch up and I’m definitely Rarotonga ready with my new brows👌🏼 "


" Nicole did my brows. She is so professional and amazing at colour matching. I was really happy with them from the first treatment, nearly a year on they still look great. I would totally recommend Nicole to anyone wanting cosmetic tattooing."


" So happy with my brows! It was a painfree experience which so surprised me! Nicole was a star the whole way, and super helpful afterwards with care! 1000000000% reccommend! "



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