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Description of the procedure
The Hollywood Whitening treatment is designed to lighten the colour of your teeth using a combination of the specially formulated whitening gel and a uniquely designed cold light. The treatment involves using a single use 2ml whitening capsule gel in conjunction with the Hollywood Whitening light to produce the whitening action.


During the entire treatment, you will be asked to put on protective eyewear. Lip cream will be applied as the plastic retractor will be placed in the mouth to help keep it open. The single use gel capsule is applied 3 times at 15-20mins intervals. After the treatment is completed, the patient will be instructed to rinse their mouth with water. Before and after the treatment, the teeth shade will be assessed, shown to the patient and recorded. This treatment takes around 90mins, including consult.

Some people will require a follow up appointment to achieve the optimum whitening results. This will be discussed at your treatment, individual results vary due to lifestyle habits. Your teeth can lighten anywhere from 5-9 shades in one session, heavily stained teeth will need one, maybe two sessions so please don’t be disheartened if you don’t get your desired results first time around.  Follow up sessions are $180 (must be within 1 month of original appointment).


 1. Background: We provide this information to give you insight into the Hollywood Whitening™ teeth Whitening System. Your cooperation and understanding of this material is necessary as we strive to achieve the best results for you. The safety of teeth whitening in general is very high. Like all cosmetic procedures, there are limitations and considerations (which will be discussed below) absolute success is variable and cannot be guaranteed. 

2. Expectations: Upon completion significant whitening can be achieved in many cases, but there is no definite way to predict how light your teeth will get. Candidates with yellow or yellow-brown teeth tend to whiten better or quicker than people with grey or grey-brown teeth. Teeth discoloured by antibiotics, decalcification (white spots), root canal therapy, or trauma do not always respond as quickly or predictably and may require additional treatment. On the other hand, if your teeth are already a light shade of white, for example a shade of A1-B1 or off-scale on the Vita-Shade guide, your additional whitening results could be minimal. The level of whiteness varies with each individual; therefore, you may or may not achieve a higher degree of whiteness. 

3. Maintenance: After your appointment and your teeth have reached their maximum whiteness it may appear that there is a slight change in the shade within the first 24-48 hours. This is due to the reformation of a saliva coating. Also, through the normal staining process of day-to-day eating and drinking, you may experience a slight regression of shade. Ask us for a range of maintenance products. 

4. Considerations and Concerns: All forms of health treatment, including teeth whitening, have some considerations and limitations. Problems that can occur in professional teeth whitening are generally infrequent, and are usually minor in nature. 

Please read the following information.

If you are concerned about these points please feel free to send me a message. 

Tooth Sensitivity – During the whitening process some patients may experience tooth sensitivity. This sensitivity is usually mild if your teeth are not normally sensitive. If your teeth are normally sensitive, please inform us before treatment so that we can make certain adjustments designed to reduce the risk of sensitivity. We cannot eliminate this risk. In some cases, we may suggest taking a mild painkiller before beginning the procedure. Sensitivity will completely subside within 24-48 hours.

Gum and Soft Tissue Irritation – Temporary inflammation of the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth can occur during the procedure. This is generally the result of the whitening paste coming in contact with these tissues. Protective materials are placed in the mouth to prevent this, but despite our efforts, it can still sometimes occur. This is generally very mild and will completely subside. 

Fillings and Other Dental Restorations – Tooth coloured fillings (composites), composite veneers/bondings, porcelain crowns, and/or porcelain veneers may not whiten at all or evenly with your natural teeth during this procedure. 

White Spots – The most common thing that makes white spots is called "hypocalcification/ hypoplasia." This means there was less calcium deposited there while the tooth was developing. In some cases, after the whitening treatment, hidden white spots may be more noticeable. This will be less noticeable after a few days when your teeth remineralised.

NOTE: There will be a signed consent form at the time of your appointment.

Zip Pay - If you would like to pay via Zip Pay you must go to their website and sign up. They will then give you a 6 digit number that you can give to me to make the purchase. Please let me know before your appointment so this can be all sorted.

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the room due to Health and Safety Laws.

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