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Some medications and procedures may impact your ability to have cosmetic Tattooing. Please read the list below and let me know if any relate to you. NOTE: Some things on the list we need to be aware of but may not impact your ability to have cosmetic tattooing

  • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding – Must be able to pump and dump 2 feeds immediately after procedure to get rid of anything in your system, Tattooing while pregnant is not accepted.

  • Contagious skin disorders – cannot treat until clear

  • Diabetic – depending on type and severity, may need a doctor’s approval

  • Recent chemical peel or laser treatment/any facials – 2-4 weeks before treatment and after treatment, avoid brow area after treatment

  • Bruise easily

  • Used Retin A or Glycolic acids –Must be at least 4 weeks of not using before treatment and don’t use over the tattoo after

  • Any problems healing small wounds 

  • Oily skin fades quicker, due to the skin producing so much oil, it pushes out the pigment quicker. This skin type is not suited to microblading

  • Heart conditions – I need a doctor’s consent, due to the anesthetic we use (Epinephrine)

  • Autoimmune disorders - Contact me to discuss which medication you are using.

  • Fillers and botox – Cannot tattoo 2 weeks before and after treatment

  • Keloid scarring – We cannot treat you.

  • Seizure related conditions – You must have your doctors’ consent for treatment and use of anesthetics. You must have an accompanying adult

  • Excessive bleeder – This may cause your tattoo to fade

  • Depression – make sure you are in the correct mindset as this can be a nerve-wracking process

  • Been tattooed before and had problems healing and fading - I need to know prior to appointment

  • Chemotherapy/radiation – You cannot be treated without doctor’s clearance

  • Roaccutane use – Cannot be tattooed until 6 months-1 year off medicine

  • Cold sores/herpes simplex - I need to know if you have ever had a cold sore, if so you need to take Valtrex or Famvie from the chemist. - APPLIES TO LIP TATTOOING ONLY

  • Wear contact lenses - Bring a container to remove them if tattooing eyeliner

  • Allergic to metals - Anaphylactic

  • Any type of hair growth serum - Must be off for 6weeks prior to tattoo, if return to use after eyeliner tattoo it will fade faster 

  • Previous hyperpigmentation in wound areas

  • For eyeliner tattoo, all false lashes and extensions must be removed including glue.

  • Prescription drugs of any sort – I need to know any medication you are on that may cause photosensitizing including Antibiotics and anti Inflammatory Medications

  • Dermatitis/eczema/psoriasis – I can not treat if around eyebrow area.

  • Fake tan/use of sunbeds –  Do not use 2 weeks prior or after.

  • Any cancer history – I need a doctors’ certificate

  • Glaucoma

  • Hepatitis – (Liver) anesthetic is processed through the liver and can result in pain

  • Please also note you must avoid sweating for 5 days post treatment - Eyebrow tattooing only

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