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Its Normal to feel nervous about your first treatment. Below is a list of frequently asked questions from previous clients. If you have any further questions please ask via the contact form at the bottom of "The Glow Up" drop down.

Botox Injections
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How do Line Softening Injections work?  

A tiny amount of Botulinum A is injected into the facial muscles causing temporary relaxing of the muscle. 

This helps dramatically reduce the appearance fine lines and wrinkles PLUS prevents new ones forming.


How long does it last?

Around 3-4 months on average. I recommend having treatment every 3 months for the first year.  


How long does it take to work?  

Usually around 3 - 10 days.   


How much will I need? 

Everyone is different and it depends on how strong your facial muscles are (not on how deep your lines may be).  I start you on an average dose that works well for most people.  After the first treatment we can decide if you need a little less, or more, going forward. 

 Does it hurt?

It can feel a little stingy in some areas, but most people find any pain minimal.   

How does Hyaluronic Acid Filler work? 

Hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the area where it expands by attracting water to itself and plumping the area. 

How long does it last?

Around 6 to 18 months

Is it safe?

Filler is safe for most people but there are some contraindications and considerations. Please book a pre consultation or contact me to see if filler is right for you.  

Does it hurt?

Depending on your pain tolerance the pain is moderate. I use a numbing cream before the procedure to minimise this as much as possible.  The procedure takes only 10-15 mins.