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Properly applied Permanent Cosmetics looks so natural that your friends never know, however the opposite is also true.

You realize, of course, that your face is a very important part of your overall

appearance and wellbeing. Choosing the right artist/technician is vital to your wellbeing.

Not all permanent cosmetic artists/technicians are equal. Like many things, it is Buyer

Beware. Picking a technician based on the lowest price “quoted” without regard to skills

and sanitation standards is not recommended. It is suggested that you look for a

permanent cosmetic technician in the same way that you research doctor, dentist, etc.

Skills and Experience

Although ethics dictates that a person only offer permanent cosmetic services when

he/she is skilled and credentialed to do so, many are not qualified. Tattoo equipment can

be purchased online by anyone.

“Artists/Technicians” can purchase video training without having completed any hands on procedures or successfully passing competency examinations. This is clearly dangerous!

Communication and Customer Service

The ability to communicate honestly with your technician is of paramount importance.

You will be telling her/him how you want to look, the color(s) and design work you

prefer. Your technician will be conveying information during and after the procedure

regarding after care, follow up appointments and important details that require you

both to understand one another.

Communication and customer service follows through after the procedure until the

procedure area is healed. Most permanent cosmetic technicians, who respect their

profession and their art, require

 one follow up visit after the initial procedure has healed to ensure that both parties are

happy with the results. If the follow up visit is not offered, that technician is below the

standard of care in the industry

If you are considering permanent cosmetics, I am dedicated to helping you make the 
right decision for you. Getting a permanent cosmetic procedure, like choosing a professional to enhance your appearance or any health related services, without doing the proper research can be heartbreaking. The outcome can be disastrous when basic requirements are not met. 

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